Being authentic is one of the most important virtues of Fragola Workshop

The very first shop of the Fragola Franchise opened in 2011, in the heart of the city, in Nagymező street. Since then, new shops have opened every year. Today Fragola own 10 shops and the number of their franchise partners is also growing. The company have become an emblematic part of the city thanks to their exceptional quality, high fruit content, unusual flavours, and continuous focus on innovation and renewal. The health conscious flavours made of natural ingredients give the basic characteristics to Fragola Workshop. This new approach has had a great effect on how sweets and desserts are viewed.

Fragola innovation Workshop

As a result of innovations, new creations are being invented every year. These innovations are not narrowed down to flavours only, but Fragola also keep an eye on the international trends on health conscious ingredients and how they are used. Based on these, we tend to focus on being healthy, when we come up with our innovations. Fragola Workshop do not follow anyone, we have our own projects. We enjoy challenges. We have new, bright and trendy ideas.
Fragola closely watch the food industry’s new tendencies, dynamics in order to take advantage and build these insights into our own business strategy. Food industry is changing very fast. What is considered new today, will be old story next year. What worked the year before, would not work today. This is the reason why we continuously work on fresh ideas, innovative ingredients and technologies.

Fragola Image

The following elements are part of Fragola’s distinctive design: strawberries, leaves,  old but likeable toys, kids’ bicycles, scooters, wagons, toy helicopters, trains etc., all the serving devices, like the piaggio, the cute little serving bicycles, the music that is on in our shops, these all remind us of a nice, old world.

We hope we can create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for our customers, where they can relax and spend some fun time.

This is how Balázs Török and Eszter Tihanyi, the owners of Fragola Workshop, have described their ambition.

The Workshop tend to meet several demands

Firstly, there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of ice cream. There is no playing with the ingredients’ efficiency. We do not use ingredients from suspicious resources, we only work with reliable suppliers. Being authentic is one of the most important virtues of Fragola. All fruits, quality chocolate, seeds, spices and all the ingredients used in Fragola Workshops are premium quality.

In this respect, we do not make compromises whatsoever. There are suppliers, who try to convince us to use their super “economical” products.  We would never buy from them, it is not how we do business. If we would this, basically we could sell air.

Being health conscious is a complex challenge

Staying healthy is another important aspect that we always keep in mind. When it comes to health factors, there are a lot more challenges we need to face, compared to last year. Our overall aim is to provide the same experience for our food intolerant customers as well. Fragola did not stop until they could say that the “free from” products tasted as good as the sugary ice creams.

It is a complex challenge, but we are satisfied, because we could accomplish what we wanted. This year’s hottest invention was the sugar-free, vegan range. Following such a diet, can result in making sacrifices. This is the reason why it feels so great when we can make our customers happy.

The best pizza in Buda

The Fragola chain has expanded with Italian restaurants since 2019, offering a wide range of premium pizzas, Italian pastas, appetizers and desserts all year round. New elements of the chain: Fragola Terrace (1025 Budapest, Csévi u. 7.), Olive di Fragola (1126 Budapest, Kiss János Altábornagy utca 38.). Fragola’s unique restaurant is the gluten-free pizzeria Dolce Farina Niente (1025 Budapest, Csévi u. 7.) and the Teatro di Fragola (1137 Budapest, Újpest rakpart 5), opened in May 2022, where gastronomy is completed by cultural experiences in a special atmosphere.